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My core focus and mission as a UX Designer is to champion the user (experience), be it an end user, business owner or other stakeholder.

I work with innovative and disruptive technologies and companies, where I can bring my full range of experiences, including my specific focus on UX architecture, product design and startup skills to help them grow with a fully realized creation of outstanding, interactive products.

I am particularly drawn to, and experienced in, Information Architecture and how it relates to the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) field at large, as well as how it intersects with social values and sustainable practices. As I believe one’s work to be an extension of oneself and as such, require and exact the highest standards in all that I do to ensure that I earn and maintain the honor and respect from those I work and otherwise interact with.

I have extensive experience and deep insight into the discipline and practice of Information Architecture, User Experience and Interaction Design. Through well over a decade of experiential design, I have worked on and led, a wide array of teams and projects that lend me the knowledge and experience into what will best drive a project forward to a successful completion. My former immersion into the Art Center College of Design’s Interaction Design program has helped to crystallize my Experience Design ethos with even greater clarity and focus, which I am confident helps enable me to perform with exceptional excellence and success.

I am very actively involved with my family and raising my son.

The views expressed here or on my blog are solely my own and not a reflection of any of my employers or clients.

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