Youtoo Social & Internet Responsive Web Application

Youtoo Social & Internet Responsive Web Application

Project Overview

In 2011, I served as UX Lead managing a cross-disciplinary team across multiple timezones, for a complete RWD redesign of Youtoo Technologies’ B2B admin site, which at the time, was the leading social and Internet TV platform and service. The redesigned helped to:

  • Create a streamlined onboarding flow
  • Create a centralized dashboard for video and social approvals, real-time metrics and reporting, and more
  • Account for responsive web use across desktop, tablet and mobile

Youtoo was a social TV network that allowed networks and shows to add a layer of social interaction and bridges content across websites, television, and mobile devices. The social TV network was launched by Mark Burnett, the famed producer behind popular shows such as Survivor, The Apprentice, and The Voice.


  • Jedi Wright – Sr. UX Designer, Project Lead & Manager
  • Roger Rohatgi – Client Stakeholder & VP Creative
  • Lorraine Molina & Ray Martin – UI Design
  • Narcis Bodea – Development


Rough team ideation session sketching out some thinking around the admin dashboard sketch for its social feed.

Sample Wireframes

Visual (UI) Designs

Front-End Development