A 10,000 Foot Summary of UX Instruction

A 10,000 Foot Summary of UX Instruction

Time slips by just as fast as a lightning strike, if not faster, especially as you age. And the last four years since I began teaching User Experience Design online for UCLA’s Extension program – which has since evolved into a full fledged UX Certificate program – have proven no exception to this.

Since my last post announcing the start of my instruction with the UX: Mobile First class, both my teaching and the school’s UX program have grown in leaps and bounds.

A few quick stats:

  • I’ve helped create, launch and taught 4 different courses
  • I’ve taught nearly 20 classes (maybe more) and well over a 100 students
  • My average class size has grown from 6-7 students to 20-30 students, depending on the class, quarter and season (summer is surprisingly full!)
  • I’ve grown and transitioned across 3 roles at 3 different companies (granted, the majority of that time was only with 1 employer)
  • UCLAx’s program has grown into a robust and now maturing UX Certificate program
  • Learned and worked across 2 online learning management systems: Blackboard and Canvas

Along the way I started applying some of my instructional learnings into both my daily profession as UX Lead and Director, but also through some community events, classes and more, where I sought to share my experiences and learnings both for free within the community, as well as through extended learning events.

Moving into year 5 not only brings continued teachings and events, but also a few related irons in the fire that I’ll speak to further soon…

It’s been a great journey of discovery and I look forward to sharing more soon!