User Experience: Responsive Web Design for

User Experience: Responsive Web Design for

Last year (2015) I provided a number of UX design consultation services while on a work assignment at The immediate focus was a staged optimization for a responsive website redesign,.

A Visual (UI) designer and I were tasked to provide Strategy, UX and UI Design support to their in-house team, providing recommendations on multiple tracks of work, a few of which have been rolled out in recent months.

Together, we worked closely to provide industry best practices for their mobile first experience through to several large screen resolutions.

Some of the core page templates we addressed were their homepage, category landing pages and product detail pages for multiple, standard responsive breakpoints, from 320 up to (and past) 1200.

Update: I later went on to serve as UX lead on their in-house digital team, helping strategize and modernize their enterprise and consumer-based products, platforms and systems.