New Project: Responsive Design For Disney Interactive’s

New Project: Responsive Design For Disney Interactive’s

I landed a pretty cool project a few months back, working on a team of three Information Architect’s at SapientNitro, at Disney Interactive re-branding into It’s been a pretty incredible effort on several fronts, most notably its responsive design, which I helped lead the efforts on along with track lead Alberto Cecioni and his teammate, Lwee Tay.

The first phase of the project just culminated in today’s launch of a few hours back.

I was very fortunate to collaborate with a great many talented folk both at Disney and SapientNitro and am looking forward to seeing the tech and design community’s responses to it in the coming weeks.

I was responsible for a number of templated pages, including the most involved page, the detail landing page (used by recipes, games, articles, and more). I also did the 404, along with several others, including the teaser page that was sitting up for a number of weeks. Towards the end of my contract I switched over to leading the design on the admin interface for a Drupal-based CMS, but that’s all I can say or show about that right now. All wireframes were produced in Adobe InDesign.

I’ve attached a quick snapshot of what the teaser site looked like through Matt Kersley’s “Responsive Design Testing” page found here, though it should be noted that this testing page is not 100% accurate of the design or its behavior.