Homepage Re-imagined w/Photos by Michelle Paulsen Homepage Re-imagined w/Photos by Michelle Paulsen

A few of my friends, colleagues, and I have all been digging the website and I personally have been referencing it quite a bit in the last few months: from everything from the homepage, search, product detail page, cart overlay, to the checkout. It is a really, really strong site where almost everything just works right and as you would expect and hope it to. No guesswork, no mystery, lots of clear call to action, and a great flow overall from the homepage through to checkout.

I recently re-imagined the homepage, with some great photos from one of those friends who shares my affinity for their site.

The key changes I brought to the re-design include:

  1. Pinned Toolbar – edited the layout and design, calling out the search and cart to make them slightly more pronounced, and balancing the navigation in-between.
  2. Thumbnail slideshow – added my recently designed product thumbnail slideshow player widget (say that 3x fast! ;)), which is inspired by Apple‘s dock and genie effect, to create a more interactive start/presence to the site/homepage.