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A Year of Teaching; UCLA Extension Launches New UX Certificate Program

It’s been a nice and steady year of instruction since my last posting, as I have finished out three additional classes through the UCLA Extension.

It’s been a pretty good range this year, starting off with UX Mobile First in the winter and the spring, then a brand new course kicking off over the summer, with UX II: Iteration.

Now, heading into the fall, I’ve got two classes starting this semester to close out the year, including another run of UX: Toolkit & Development (with my largest class to date!) and a first run with UX I: Survey.

UCLA Extension UX Certificate program

Added to all of this, is an exciting and long awaited launch of UCLA’s official UX Certificate program, which launches with the fall semester. And out of the nine suggested classes, I am teaching four of them, including:

  • User Experience I: Survey (Online)
  • User Experience II: Iteration (Online)
  • User Experience: Toolkit and Development (Online)
  • User Experience: Mobile First (Online)

This fall will be the first semester I’ve had the opportunity to run two classes simultaneously, so I’ll be excited to see how it all pans out. I’m hopeful that there’s a good bit of cross-pollination in learning from between the two!

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