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Results of a UX Audit for a Social Commerce iOS App

After following a social commerce app called on Twitter, I was contacted to give my initial, top-of-mind thoughts on it, and its user experience. So I conducted a (partial) UX audit and delivered my findings. This is one of the services and deliverables that I perform and deliver as a User Experience Architect. Depending on the scale that you conduct it at, it can be a fast, efficient and affordable approach to evaluate and improve your product’s usability and user experience design.

productgram-screenshot allows its users to sell their stuff in 3 easy steps.

After installing their app, I walked through its onboarding process, creating my account and profile, then posting my first item, all the while taking screenshots of the app along the way (which I then imported into an OmniGraffle Pro template I use specifically for this purpose).

After I was comfortable with the app workflow, I imported the primary screenshots of the interactions and screens I was focusing on, into OmniGraffle, to begin annotating them.

Here are the results of my first pass: UX Audit

Due to the nature of the request, no formal RFP, SOW or other agreement of services was requested or delivered. I could have simply responded with some comments but enjoy the opportunity to examine other people’s work, so elected to go a bit further and annotate my thoughts on what could be expanded or improved upon.

If you’re interested in having a similar or related service performed for your mobile app, website, application, or other product or service, please contact me to discuss further.


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