Work For Free? Homepage Re-design During Interview

Some time back I interviewed with for a Senior Manager, Web Design role.

Part of the interview process for myself and the top two other candidates was to re-imagine the homepage of their website through a visual comp or wireframe. I elected for a wireframe but didn’t stop at just the homepage, and over the following week or so, fleshed out wires of the entire site.

I haven’t completed it to the degree that I challenged myself to, but got pretty close I think, as you can see below from just the homepage. I ended up sitting on it for awhile because I debated the timing and/or merit of posting the work as there’s been some debate over the years about whether or not providing some measure of consultation for a prospective employer’s website, application, what have you…is really worth your time.

In my opinion it is. You either get the job, get hired as a consultant or at the very least, end up with some new work for your portfolio (assuming you gave it the proper attention). Homepage Re-imagined Homepage Re-imagined Homepage Re-imagined Homepage Re-imagined

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