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I am a consummate Internet entrepreneur and Information Architect and have been studying and working professionally in the information technology, multimedia, event production, and environmental fields since 1993. Through the years since, I've expanded my skill sets and services but have been narrowing my focus further and further in recent years to User Experience and Information Architecture.

I am actively taking on new client work at this time. My related fields of interest (and experience) include:

  • Booking Websites & Applications

  • Call Center Services & Applications

  • Content Management Systems

  • eCommerce Websites & Applications

  • Event Production Websites & Mobile Applications

  • Gamefication / Game Development (Mobile & Web)

  • Mobile Websites & Applications

  • Nonprofit Websites & Applications

  • Other Miscellanoues Websites & Applications

  • Renewable Energy Technology Websites & Applications

  • Social Networking Websites & Applications

  • Tourism & Travel Websites & Applications

I believe one's (click to download portfolio) work to be an extension of oneself and as such, require and exact the highest standards in all that I do to ensure that I earn and maintain the honor and respect from those I work and otherwise interact with.

I live in Los Angeles, CA where I am fully immersed in the Information Architecture (IA), User Interface (U/I), User Experience (U/X) disciplines and how they intersect with social values and sustainable practices.

I look forward to hearing your needs, requirements, goals, and concerns soon!

UPDATE: 09.7.12 9:27pm PST – Updated portfolio link.

UPDATE: 12.1.11 2:55pm PST – Updated portfolio link.