Teaching User Experience: Mobile First Online, This Spring at UCLAx


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching the first User Experience: Mobile First class online this spring, through the UCLA Extension program.

Here’s the school’s description of the class:

User Experience Design is challenged and inspired by new developments in laptops, tablets, mobile devices and wearables. This course introduces the concept of device-centric design; topics include cultural anthropology, app design, cross-cultural preferences in device usage, cultural norms, screen dimensions and input device preferences. Projects will involve creating mobile specific environments, adaptive and responsive layouts, mobile-first philosophy, grid usage, predictive device changes, Android/iOS guidelines, and Microsoft.

The class starts March 31st and runs 12-wks. I may be posting about my experiences teaching it here, assuming I have time between work and teaching the class.

At the very least, I plan on conducting my own post-mortem on the class after it wraps this June.

Very exciting!